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At FTGU, we focus on getting doctors paid. Through our two primary services - Insurance A/R Recovery and Secondary Claims Management - we pursue unpaid insurance claims and utilize our proven recovery methodology to collect on every claim. That methodology includes tracking EVERY unpaid claim to a final resolution; either the claim gets paid or we tell you why. That is what makes us different and that is what makes us remarkably effective.

For most traditional billing companies, the primary objective is timely, “clean claim” submission. But what happens when clean claims are denied? How much feedback does a physician get about unpaid claims—why they were denied and how to get them paid? Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is too often a mystery. That’s where FTGU can help!
At FTGU, we track every unpaid claim beginning with the First Zero Pay. We assign an easy to understand denial code that explains the reason for the denial and the steps that can be taken to get the claim paid. Then WE do the work. Whether it’s coding mistakes, a request for medical records, or a verification of benefits issue, we do what is necessary to get you paid. And for those claims that can’t be recovered, we provide a detailed analysis that allows you to stop making repetitive mistakes that reduce your cash flow and cost you money.

We apply this methodology to our Secondary Claims Management and A/R Recovery services. When combined, these services provide a complete Claims Management Lifecycle and allow physicians to eliminate lost revenue due to billing inefficiencies.

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